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Mince Pie Of Doom

Tristan Harris

04 December

PLAYWRIGHTS Simon Baker and Richard Walter took a cast of talented local actors, a traditional goody v baddie plot, a bowlful of quick-fire one-liners and a sprinkling of double entendres and came up with The Attack of the Christmas Puddings.

And the result, the sequel to the popular Mince Pie of Doom, went down extremely well - like a classic festive feast on Christmas Day.

The plot centred around the evil Auntie, 'not Anti', Freeze, and her plot to abolish Christmas and replace it with her self-created Freeze Day, giving Detetctive Holly Noel, his Brummie cleaner Ginny Pinny and sidekick Ruby Tuesday, the tough task of saving everyone's favourite season.

The villainous part, with all of its classic panto-style attributes, was played excellently by Sheila Proudfoot, who was evil personified, much to the delight of the audience.

Other fantastic performances came from Catherine Stokes as the lovable Ginny Pinny and Graham Forbes as the detective.

Some great comedy was also provided by Mark Whitehouse as The Purple Pansy and John Pimm as Father Time.

The pair played multiple roles, as did the writers - plenty of humour, along with the double entendres, came from Richard Walter, as Brigadier Sir Montague Bashford Bullocks.

And, as if co-writing the piece and directing was not enough, Simon Baker showed his acting ability and versatility in playing three different roles.

But, while those were the pick of the performances, there were solid portrayals throughout from the 15-strong cast.

Now, after the Mince Pie of Doom last year and The Attack of the Christmas Puddings this time around, there is no doubt those who have followed this saga will have already marked next December in their diaries for the final instalment - The Sprout of Destiny.

The Attack of the Christmas Puddings

And here they are, Christmas Puddings. Everybody's having some.

Throughout time and space Auntie Freeze is unleashing her latest wave of baking terror. Everyone from Tutankhamen to Queen Victoria has been enjoying these suet filled treats. Christmas is in peril once more, and there is only one man, and one brummie cleaner who can save it…

Holly Noel and Ginny Pinny with friends old and new, got to work in their time travelling toilet (or TURDIS for short), took on dodgy cockneys, revolting revolutionaries, and Pirates of the Mediterranean (the Caribbean is too pricey) to bring their old foe Auntie Freeze to justice. With the unwitting help of Fred Bear, Auntie Freeze planned to eradicate Christmas once and for all. In her own words -

“Now, as you know my little puddings and I have been travelling through time, spreading joy and cheer by giving out even littler puddings wherever we go. As you may recall, the failed mince pie of doom incident involved love-drugged Mince Pies. The idea was sound, the confection delicious, and the love potion…a little too potent. So this year, in my attack of the Christmas puddings decided to tone things down a little. Each pudding contains enough of the potion, to make the person eating it loyal to the first person they look at. On the inside of the lid of the box is picture of me. They eat. They look. They obey. Soon I will be so well known throughout history that there will literally be no more room for Christmas, Candy Canes, or jingling bells. Just me. Me. Mwahaha! Me! Mwahahahahaha!!”

You get the picture. Anyway, needless to say Holly foiled her devilish plan - what? Oh, alright! Ginny Pinny saved Holly from being liquidised and as a result, by some fluke, he foiled Auntie Freeze’s plan after teaming up with Ruby on an UNOWE mission for Brigadier Bullocks. Don’t you know UNOWE - you ought to know UNOWE you know, it’s the United Nations Odd and Weird Events unit. Now you know UNOWE.

Anyway to cut a long story short (it was even longer before the script was reduced!!), once Auntie Freeze realised her mistake, when the Christmas puddings turned on her and it became apparent that the puddings were revolting, she travelled back in time with Holly and the gang in the TURDIS and stopped herself from starting - if you get the idea - well you should have been there!

And so Christmas was saved once again, and Auntie Freeze was taken to prison for crimes against cooking, never to be a threat to Christmas ever again... unless... Mwahahahahaha!!

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