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Home of irreverent Madness
Mince Pie Of Doom Do not approach these people

Holly Noel - Christmas hating, morose Private Eye. Holly Noel is your typical noir hero. Foolish, to a point arrogant, questionable bravery, and a soft spot for a Femme Fatale; the delectable Ruby Tuesday in this case. Through his adventures, he discovers a love of Christmas, and a happiness around his newfound friends.

Ginny Pinny - Holly Noel’s cleaner, and all round assistant. Ginny doesn’t suffer fools, so how she puts up with this idiot twenty four hours a day is beyond any of us. But she does, and is vital to the success of his adventures.

Ruby Tuesday - The adopted daughter of Father and Mary Christmas. Ruby spends most of her time hanging around looking pretty; that is when she isn’t being kidnapped, travelling around the world with strange detectives or working as a spy.

Auntie Freeze - The villain of the piece, nursing a centuries-old grudge for being ignored by Father Christmas at school, and being cast into the depths of the North Pole ice caverns for her evil ways. Her love of baking and plots to end Christmas are the source of all our problems.

Tiny the Elf - Insecure about his height, madly in love with Ruby, and likely to deceive you to get what he wants, Tiny is certainly a troubled character, and one that will be on the naughty list for some time.

Denise-in-a-box - Angry, cynical and unhappy with her lot, the talented Denise has already been seen to be fluent in every global language, and invent a method of time travel. Yet, she is still oft ignored, and this causes her no end of frustration.

Father Christmas - Need we say more? Or is that Krampus?

Mary Christmas - The woman behind the Claus. The reason that Auntie Freeze sets about her evil plans. She resents the wonderful world that Mary and Father have created.

Brigadier Bullocks - Director in Chief at U.N.O.W.E. Jolly decent chap, really, what.

Or is that

Major Eyeswater - from U.N.O.W.E. W.O.T. , Difficult to tell really

Fred Bear  - The other cause of Denise’s frustrations. Former floor mat, and most simple and innocent of our characters, Fred Bear means well, he just doesn’t entirely understand…well, anything…